Information Technology & Outsourcing

Von Wobeser y Sierra, S.C. has one of the most experienced practice groups in the area of information technology and outsourcing, advising all sorts of clients in the computer hardware and software, electronics, semiconductors, internet equipment, e-commerce and outsourcing sectors, among others.

Our team of experts continuously advises and represents clients in matters related to the creation, use, commercialization, licensing and sale of information technologies products and services. Among many others, we have represented and advised clients in acquisitions, alliances and other strategic transactions in the industry, assisted clients in negotiating complex licensing and software development contracts, some of the most important IT and BP outsourcing deals ever carried out in Mexico, telecommunications and computer infrastructure sale and lease agreements, sales to the Mexican government agencies and entities of critical IT infrastructure and services, including military and security application technologies and all kinds of regulatory, international taxation, intellectual property and data privacy and protection matters associated thereto.

On the disputes front, our litigation and arbitration teams have participated in some landmark litigation and arbitration cases in Mexico and beyond, including disputes arising from critical outsourcing contracts, satellite failures and challenges to government contract adjudication processes.



Associates in the Industry