The cultural sector in Mexico is of great relevance. As a result there are a great deal of companies which support and intervene with a vast frequency in the execution of artistic and cultural activities contributing to the development of this field. Furthermore, the entities identified as creative and cultural industries have had a continuous growth. The above has created an impulse in the professionalization of the cultural field where the adequate legal counsel is of vital importance.

The firm counts with vast experience counseling cultural agencies, artistic and creative associations, artists and designers of various areas, and other related cultural entities, in the execution of all types of artistic and cultural projects such as processing all permits, authorizations and licenses for the realization of cultural events, elaboration of collaboration and cooperation agreements which are of outmost necessity in order to fulfill the realization of exhibitions, catalogues.

In addition the firm counts with a great deal of experience in providing counseling to companies with desire to participate or support cultural activities throughout the concession of sponsoring, hosting contests, constitution and management of museums, acquisition or leasing of artworks of private collections, constitution and management of foundations with cultural and artistic purposes.