Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Von Wobeser y Sierra, S.C. has a solid bankruptcy and restructuring practice. In light of the difficult global economic situation, the Firm has entered a vitally important area in the life of both Mexican and foreign companies, which is the general default on obligations, specially failure to pay, through the implementation of the legal measures necessary to reduce the economic impact these types of problems cause.

The Firm has undertaken the task of training lawyers specialized in the area of commercial insolvency in order to provide our clients legal advice from the point of view of both the creditors and the debtors or bankrupt entities. Mistakenly, commercial insolvency, previously a declaration of bankruptcy and suspension of payments, has commonly been understood only as a sanction on the defaulting merchant; which is why through our specialized lawyers we inform the client that the commercial insolvency proceeding can be used as a preventive measure and not only as a corrective measure, in order to avoid the bankruptcy of the merchant.

The principal function of this area is to provide clients with the possibility of redirecting their business by obtaining agreements with their creditors that allow them to meet their obligations or liquidating the business satisfactorily paying off the debts owed to the creditors to the greatest extent possible.



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