Commercial Contracts

Von Wobeser y Sierra, S.C. plays an active role in the preparation and negotiation of commercial contracts for activities such as distribution, supply, agency, asset purchase and sale and transportation to mention a few.

In addition, we constantly assist our clients in structuring, negotiating and documenting commercial transactions for their day to day needs, such as standard terms and conditions for purchase orders, equipment lease agreements, and intercompany service agreements.

Our lawyers, skilled in drafting contracts, also have broad experience in and are familiar with business practices, thereby being able to ensure that the commercial contracts incorporate the business needs of our clients in a legally acceptable manner, fully protecting their interests.

Our broad range of expertise allows us to complement the advice we give to our clients regarding commercial transactions, in order to negotiate and legally implement different types of arrangements applicable in the carrying out of specific transactions. Specifically, this advice involves the areas of antitrust and unfair competition, tax consequences and strategies, intellectual property, environmental protection and other relevant legal implications of commercial transactions.

Von Wobeser y Sierra, S.C. has significant experience in establishing distribution schemes, including franchising, distribution and agency agreements. Our experience includes developing dealership contracts for some of the most important car and truck brands in the world, franchise programs for fast food and other restaurants and food outlets, license and distribution agreement for some of the top world liquor and beer brands, luxury watches and jewelry, industrial equipment and supplies, commodities, agricultural, poultry and other food products, etc. We regularly advise clients in devising the most adequate legal structure for commercializing their products in Mexico and abroad, carry due diligence of potential distributors, agents and franchisees, design credit policies and documentation, and generally assist them in ensuring that their distribution channels operate according to the clients' standards and policies.