Corporate Governance

Von Wobeser y Sierra´s corporate governance team regularly advises public and private companies, controlling and minority shareholders, management, boards of directors and committees on matters related to corporate governance, fiduciary duties, and compliance with securities laws, specifically disclosure obligations, conflicts of interests and minority rights protection.

In addition, as our clients often participate in joint-ventures, we have developed significant experience in designing and implementing corporate governance structures that ensure adequate representation of minority partners or shareholders in the governance of the joint-venture company vehicles and protect their interests, all while maintaining the management and operational flexibility that are needed to support the business strategies of the joint-venture partners.

Since Mexico is a country where most companies are private and often family owned, we have assisted our clients in designing corporate governance and ownership structures aimed at institutionalizing and bringing best corporate practices to some of the most successful privately held companies in Mexico. This often involves succession and tax planning and is particularly focused on minimizing potential disputes, while at the same time trying to preserve the dynamism and other benefits of closely held companies.