Inventions & Patents

Von Wobeser y Sierra, S.C. has a team of engineers and lawyers with vast experience in the protection and registration of inventions, industrial designs and utility models. Our team integrates a former primary Patent Examiners as well as a Former Head of the Substantive Examination Department. They all have professional experience and were trained in the following among many other Patent Offices: the European Patent Office, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property as well as in distinct international associations regarding the patent private practice.

Our team is specialized in the protection of inventions which belong to the following technological fields: chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, polymers, food, textile, electronic, mechanic, automotive engineering as well as in computer related inventions.

Our practice in patents also includes the filing and prosecution of patents and industrial designs in Mexico and abroad, as well as filing and prosecuting international PCT patent applications into the Mexican Phase and International phase. Our practice also includes submitting petitions for the accelerated examination under the PPH (Patent Prosecution Highway). Our team is also expert in regards to the search for assessing patentability as well as patent family search and nullity search. Likewise we have the necessary expertise and knowledge to legally assist in the filing of nullity and infringement proceedings of patents. We took part in one of the biggest litigation cases in Mexico concerning consumer goods. We are also experienced in the proceedings before the Federal Tax and Administrative Justice Board to challenge Patent nullity and infringement resolutions, as well as patent abandonment declaration.



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