Labor & Employment Advice & Litigation

Von Wobeser y Sierra S.C. has a group of specialists offering consulting and litigation services in individual and collective labor matters, representing our clients before the Federal and Local Boards of Conciliation and Arbitration. We also have broad experience with both federal and local labor authority inspections and following up on the procedures related to such inspections.

We advise our clients on the strategy for hiring officers and employees in general and throughout the employment period. We also offer advice on the implementation of compensation and benefit plans and general policies, and on changes to them.

The labor practice was established more than 25 years ago and since then we have given special attention to representing our clients in all aspects of labor relations, including the drafting of collective bargaining agreements and their negotiation with unions and the Ministry of Labor and other administrative authorities.

We provide labor advice in employment dismissals with and without cause and in the labor implications of the purchase, merger and spin-off of companies, in employee transfers and in the carrying out of due diligence for the above indicated processes.

Due to the structure of the labor law in Mexico which procedurally favors the worker, we have developed and shared with our clients preventive policies that render economic benefits for them.



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