Industrial & Intellectual Property

Von Wobeser y Sierra, S.C. provides a wide variety of services in this area including advice in relation to the protection and registration of trademarks, copyright, and industrial secrets. Furthermore, our services involve the drafting of all types of license agreements, franchises and related contracts, as well as the carrying out of legal audits in this area.

In the area of copyright, services have been provided in negotiations on the production and distribution of films, radio programs and television programs, nationally and internationally. In this context, Von Wobeser has been involved in negotiations and lawsuits involving writers, composers, actors and advertising companies, among others.

In order to adequately protect the different intellectual and industrial property rights recognized by Mexican law, we are specialists in promoting and processing all types of administrative proceedings (nullification, infringement and expiration actions, administrative nullification proceedings, etc.) and judicial proceedings (amparo suits) in this area, before the Mexican Industrial Property Institute and the National Copyright Institute as well as before the Federal Courts. In fact, the Firm has successfully represented clients in several major lawsuits before Mexican administrative authorities and courts.

Also in relation to industrial and intellectual property disputes, we have a great deal of experience in arbitration and mediation which allows us to effectively advise and represent our clients when this type of proceeding is presented.

In addition, our participation in this area includes the representation of the interests of our clients. We also collaborate actively with the industrial and intellectual property authorities in the implementation, review and improvement of legal mechanisms and practices in order to make the protection intended by the laws regulating this area more effectively. As a result of this fruitful collaboration we have an excellent relationship and reputation with such authorities.

Considering the growth of this area and the importance it has acquired on a global level, we have created a network of relationships with correspondent firms in industrial property around the world with whom we collaborate on the basis of reciprocity in the representation of Mexican and foreign clients. Our team includes lawyers specialized in the handling and processing of portfolios of trademarks of our clients all over the world.



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