Von Wobeser y Sierra, S.C. (“VWyS” or the “Firm”) is currently being part of the recent revolution seen in the application of new technologies to financial services. Intimately related to the already consolidated and select group of partners, associates and legal interns that offers the highest quality banking and financial legal services, VWyS has conformed a team of global, sophisticated, and multidisciplinary experts in order to provide services both to financial institutions and FinTech innovators, either to walk with them in the process of developing new businesses within the new legal framework or adjusting to it.

VWyS is not only and currently providing legal advice to clients dedicated to different sectors within the FinTech ecosystem, such as e-commerce, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, cryptocurrencies, among others, and either to companies, Mexican or foreign, in their processes of starting operations in Mexico or already operating in Mexico.

The FinTech practice draws upon the Firm’s deep experience in capital markets, data security and privacy, corporate transactions, financial regulations, intellectual property and technology to help clients invest in, fund, develop and market the innovative services and products that are revolutionizing the financial services and technology industries.

This adds up to the, related, needed and broad experience in providing legal services to financial institutions and other companies, both Mexican and foreign, which allows us to intervene at all stages of all types of financial and banking transactions, such as fixed asset and working capital loans, leveraged, secured, unsecured, syndicated loans.

While some of our strengths include planning, negotiating and structuring of all types of financial operations, the firm is also focused in providing longstanding assessment to our clients. We do not stay at the transaction level but go a step beyond by walking with our clients through the whole life cycle of their businesses.

We have and we are advising FinTech companies and financial institutions, banking and non-banking, domestic and foreign, since the process of getting the authorization, but also helping them since their incorporation to their organization and operation in Mexico. This includes planning and negotiating credit and debt restructuring. We collaborate with lenders and borrowers in the processes of negotiation, documentation and implementation of agreements and solutions that allow lenders to recuperate their loans and borrowers to stay in business and preserve their assets and securities. For the negotiation and structuring of loans, project finance and credit restructuring, the Firm counts with an important practice area to provide services of, among other things:

- Corporate and credit audit programs for individual or collective debtors, foreign or domestic, in a broad range of industries.
- Structuring, design and implementation of all types of guarantee arrangements.

Our clients expect, and we provide, legal support in structuring transactions in order to achieve their financial goals by maximizing and perfecting the schemes set forth.This unique perspective of a business gives us a comparative advantage and is the reason to the fidelity of our clients.

All this said, with any doubt, what also makes the difference at Von Wobeser y Sierra and makes the team stand out, is that we also count with the strongest teams in competition and antitrust, litigation and arbitration, labor, tax and international trade and customs, being these the main areas. This unique combination has been tailored for the past +30 years by delivering extraordinary results to our clients.

This allow us to handle many of the main investments coming into Mexico that form part of the international business strategy of our clients for which the successful investment and expansion into Mexico is a key KPIs to reach their growth targets. Our team has above technical knowledge and regularly advises clients on all kind of corporate activities, such us: offering legal advice for major commercial contracts, joint ventures, joint acquisitions, corporate structure designing, tax planning, regulatory compliance, licensing and distribution agreements, among others.

On the other hand, VWyS has been deeply involved in the legislative process who ended up in the FinTech Act. Apart from being in close contact and collaborate with the main actors in the industry involved in the process, as well as with the authorities in charge, until April 2019 Andrés Nieto acted as coordinator of the Banking and Securities Commission of the most prestigious Mexican bar association (Barra Mexicana, Colegio de Abogados, A.C.), deeply involved too in the process and in the promotion of the FinTtech Act. Andrés Nieto was the leading agent in the roadshow and marketing strategy designed to market and explain the FinTech Act, its benefits and details.

This unique experience which provides levels of insights, experience and knowledge on the FinTech Act difficult to find anywhere else.

At last, it is also worth mention that VWyS is not only doing all of the above, but, based on our experience and experiences derived from courses such as the one Alejandro Stamoglou took in the MIT, we are working with several long term clients in implementing new technologies, such as Blockchain applications, for their day to day business operations.