Anti-Money Laundering

As part of our compliance practice, the firm offers disruptive and innovative solutions where our competitors do not: anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing (AML and CTF).

As a result of the recent and ongoing regulatory expansion in the areas of AML and CTF in Mexico (in both the economic and the financial sector), Von Wobeser y Sierra’s activities in this practice area have expanded to meet the needs of our clients. From advice on the preparation of an AML and CTF protocol (including the drafting and review of handbooks, the implementation of a risk-based approach and employee training) to due diligence investigations on compliance, our team of experts has the tools and skills necessary to undertake any request from our clients.

The firm has become known in this practice area for its ability to advise clients on the interpretation of the applicable AML and CTF regulations, in order to ensure full compliance by both companies that engage in vulnerable activities and financial institutions (including banks, regulated and unregulated SOFOMES, money exchange institutions, money transmitters and financial technology institutions). This is thanks to good relations with the regulators and the catalog of criteria that Von Wobeser y Sierra has constructed over the years.

The successful development of the practice has led both local and international consulting firms to seek out our expert AML and CTF team to build complex strategies and give advice on risk in leading global companies.


The close relationship of the AML and CTF practice with two of the most important practices of Von Wobeser y Sierra (dispute resolution and corporate practice in general) has allowed our team to develop its skills in various sectors and industries: automotive, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, real estate, manufacturing and maquila services, consumer goods and financial services.

Landmark cases

Advice to a leading Canadian insurance company during its process of implementation of the AML and CTF protocol in Mexico.

Advice on risk to a leading German company in auto parts in Mexico for the development of its comprehensive compliance policy.

Advice on risk to oil and gas companies in Mexico for the development and implementation of a comprehensive compliance policy.

Advice to a real estate project developer in Mexico for the implementation of its AML and CTF protocol in Mexico.

Advice to several unregulated SOFOMOS to obtain their technical certification in AML and CTF.

Advice to one of most important jewelers in Mexico for the development and implementation of its AML and CTF protocol in Mexico.

Advice to several credit institutions in AML and CTF audits.


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