Banking & Finance

Von Wobeser y Sierra, S.C. counts with lawyers who have broad experience in the provision of legal services in the area of banking and financial regulation. Such experience has been formed based on a broad knowledge and constant study of banking and financial matters, which has allowed us to participate in forums for the discussion and amendment of the applicable legal framework. Thanks to such experience, we have been able to, among other things, establish close ties with the Mexican financial authorities to the benefit of our clients. Based on the above, we have advised companies and financial, banking and non-banking institutions on the authorization, incorporation, organization and operation of financial institutions in Mexico.

In addition, several of our lawyers have acted as legal advisors for the establishment of procedures that ensure full compliance with the Mexican regulatory framework applicable to all types of financial institutions. In addition, lawyers in the Firm have provided auditing services to financial institutions to determine such institutions' degree of compliance with the applicable regulatory framework.

Over the past few years, Von Wobeser y Sierra, S.C. has created a select group of partners, associates and legal interns in order to efficiently and effectively offer the highest quality financial legal services to our clients. This has allowed us to reinforce our experience in providing legal services to financial institutions and other companies, both Mexican and foreign, for the planning, negotiation and structuring of all types of financial operations including, among others, all types of banking transactions such as fixed asset and working capital loans; leveraged, secured, unsecured and syndicated loans, etc.

In addition, we have advised foreign and domestic clients in all forms of project finance, such as for the construction and operation of several cellular telephone networks, paging, trunking and other telecommunications networks; construction of thermoelectric power plants; construction of nitrogen plants for nitrogen injection into oil fields; launching of communications satellites and construction of industrial plants. We also regularly advise foreign and domestic clients on financing for the acquisition of franchises, machinery, equipment and real estate for multiple purposes, including the construction of plants and industrial parks, urban developments, hotels, offices and condominiums.

The provision of our services in the legal-financial area also includes the planning and negotiation of credit or debt restructuring. We collaborate with lenders or borrowers in the processes of negotiation, documentation and implementation of agreements and solutions that allow lenders to recuperate their loans and borrowers to stay in business and preserve their assets and securities.

For the negotiation and structuring of loans, project finance and credit restructuring, the Firm has developed an important practice area to provide services of, among other things: (i) corporate and credit audit programs for individual or collective debtors, foreign or domestic, in a broad range of industries; (ii) structuring, design and implementation of all types of guarantee arrangements and (iii) administrative procedures before all types of Mexican authorities for the correct implementation of the specific operation involved. In this way our clients expect and we provide legal support in the structuring of transactions in order to achieve financial goals which maximize and perfect the schemes set forth.