Newsletter 37

November, 2017

Editorial: We have moved into fourth-quarter 2017. The year so far has been characterized by major uncertainty in the international political arena as well as by large-scale natural disasters that also threaten the global economy. Despite everything, Mexico has remained relatively stable and has to this point managed to temper those circumstances' adverse effects.

  • Editorial:
  • Tax Matters:
    • Income Tax Administrative Advantages.
    • Capital Repatriation.
    • Fundament Exclusive-Resolution Ruling.
    • Exclusive Fundament-Revocation Motion
  • Customs and Tariffs:
    • NAFTA Customs and Trade.
  • Banking and Finance:
    • Crowd-Funding in Mexico
  • Telecomunications, Media and Technology:
    • Technology Contracts.
  • Energy and Natural Resources:
    • Electricity Sector: Long-Term Auction Opportunities.
  • Labor:
    • Electronic Payroll Receipts (CFDIS)
    • Constitutional Labor Reform