Newsletter 38

April, 2018

Editorial: In recent months, social and economic uncertainty has intensified both in Mexico and around the world. Yet despite this, and in addition to a number of trade-related, financial and political setbacks, Mexico has stayed relatively stable.

  • Editorial
  • Corporate
    • New Commercial Partnership-Dissolution and -Liquidation Protocols
  • Stock Market
    • Mexico’s New Stock Market
  • Tax Matters
    • US Tax Reform and its Possible Effects in Mexico
  • Foreign Trade and Customs
    • The Importance of IMMEX-Related Compliance with Foreign-Trade General Regulations Appendix 24
  • Energy and Natural Resources
    • Definition of notions of Isolated Supply, Proprietary Needs, Economic Interest Group and Local Generation within the Framework of Mexico’s Electrical Industry Act
    • Water-Use Regulation for Non-Traditional Hydrocarbon Deposits
  • Labor
    • Relevant Aspects of the Labor Reform Initiative