Von Wobeser y Sierra, S.C. has thorough experience with the construction industry. Our clients are leading multinational and Mexican companies that are investing substantial amounts in Mexico and Latin America. Our team has advised on all types of matters related to construction. Additionally, we have represented managers of construction projects, owners, manufacturers, contractors, vendors, suppliers, distributors of building materials as well as diverse construction products. Our lawyers understand the complexities of the important legal issues and risks that must be taken into account in the construction industry. We have counseled some of the largest projects in Mexico during the planning, negotiation, implementation and post-building stages in all aspects related to the legal demands and requirements of Mexican government authorities. Thus, we have the experience and ability to assist construction companies in all the relevant stages of a project, i.e. public or private biddings, negotiation and execution of contracts, follow up of the performance and activities within the project, mediation and dispute resolution needs.