Public-works Arbitration

Von Wobeser y Sierra, S.C. has a solid team in regards to public-works arbitration. With the North American Free Trade Agreement, our country agreed to arbitration as the means of dispute resolution for infrastructure projects. As a result of this and the expansion of infrastructure projects in our country, a multitude of public work disputes have been generated involving hundreds of millions of dollars between Mexican governmental entities and private national and foreign companies.

These disputes involve and require not only very detailed knowledge of the administrative law governing public works but also contractual liability under Mexican civil law. Given the dual experience and training of our lawyers in matters of private law and public law, we have been able to form a unique team that is capable of developing successful arguments and strategies in public work arbitration disputes. We are the most experienced law firm in Mexico in handling claims for disruption and acceleration, as well as other similar damages issues that arise in large infrastructure projects. This has involved not only representing clients in arbitration, but also the subsequent defense of the arbitral awards issued in them before national and foreign courts. In this context, we have the necessary know-how to address the complex problems that arise in public works arbitrations and their delicate interaction with national public interest regulations and judicial involvement in the area.