Immigration & Global Mobility
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  • Articulated in a full service firm that combines creativity and business pragmatism, our Immigration & Global Mobility practice advises its clients on compliance with the migratory laws and regulations.

    For this purpose, it collaborates with the corresponding departments of the multinationals, including human resources.

    To handle complex assignments, we take a practical approach and combine forces with other areas of the firm, such as Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions; Tax; Labor, Executive Compensation & Benefits, and International Trade & Customs. That allows us to provide truly tailor made solutions for each immigration issue and ensure the satisfaction of our clients, whether multinational companies that must bring personnel to Mexico as expatriates or individuals who need assistance to temporarily or indefinitely reside in the country. We handle each of the phases of these types of processes, from the initial planning until the establishment in or final departure from Mexico.

    The team leads or participates in matters of incorporation of companies, tax residence, tax burden applicable to citizens of other countries, contracting of foreign personnel, and importing of household items, automobiles and personal effects.

    For more than thirty years, we have successfully undertaken a broad range of processes. (1) We prepare personalized programs for expatriates adjusted to the duration and purpose of their assignment, and the goals of the company. (2) We develop policies and procedures for the handling of large movements of expatriates. (3) We obtain the work permits and residency cards that foreign personnel and their families need during the assignment. (4) We renew residency authorizations and facilitate that expatriates and their dependents fully comply with the immigration obligations; if appropriate, we handle permanent residencies and Mexican nationality. (5) We assist with requests for consular visas. (6) We advise companies in compliance with the immigration laws and regulations. (7) We legalize and apostille documents. (8) When our involvement is possible, we obtain work visas for Mexicans who will work in other countries.

    The Immigration & Global Mobility practice participates in different industry groups of the firm: Automotive & Manufacturing, Energy & Natural Resources, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences, and Financial Services and Real Estate. We also have expertise in the food and beverage, construction and technology sectors. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies.