Recognized for the excellence of the services it provides and the invariable commitment to its clients, Von Wobeser y Sierra stands out as one of the principal Mexican firms in the practice of banking and finance law.

The lawyers of the practice provide comprehensive advice on complex and sophisticated financing operations, credit restructuring, project finance, acquisitions finance, private equity operations, single and syndicated loans, loans for a specific purpose and unsecured and secured loans. We also specialize in novel sectors, such as payment processing networks and Fintech. We assist our client in the business planning, organization, incorporation and operation in Mexico, including the analysis, orientation and management necessary to ensure proper compliance with banking and financial regulations.

Our clients include a diverse array of participants in the financial system, including national and international institutions and entities, investment funds, retirement fund managers, insurers, financial lessors, financial factorage companies, acquirers, payment aggregators, clearing houses in payment processing networks, government agencies, and Fintech sector entities.

The lawyers of this area have in-depth knowledge of the complex regulation of the sector, they are up to date on its frequent changes and understand their implications. Thus, they have unique skills and instruments to attend the needs of the firm’s clients, providing practical, creative and efficient solutions.

The Banking and Finance practice of Von Wobeser y Sierra is recognized in important publications such as The Legal 500, and Chambers and Partners emphasizes our work in Fintech.