Newsletter 35

Editorial: Almost one year after Enrique Peña Nieto took office as president of Mexico and after the government and representatives of the principal political parties signed the Pact for Mexico, the country is at the important stage of making changes to its laws to accomplish the most important goals of the Pact.

  • Corporate:

    • Article 70 of the General Law of Business Corporations.

    • Bankruptcy Proceedings for Corporate Groups.

  • Commercial:

    • Omnibus Commercial Bill.

    • Federal Law to Prevent and Identify Transactions Involving Illicit Funds.

  • Telecommunications:

    • Reforms to the Constitution Regarding Telecommunications.

  • Antitrust:

    • Reform in Telecommunications and Economic Competition.

  • Amparo:

    • New Amparo Law.

  • Environmental:

    • Federal Environmental Liability Law.

  • Labor:

    • Cancellation of Employee Registration with the IMSS Analysis of the Precedent.