The Ministry of Energy calls for The International Public Bid for the interconnection of the Mexican Electric Systems.

February, 2018

February 20, 2018.

Dear clients and friends,

On February 2nd   the international public bid number LT/SENER-01-2018 (the “Bid”) issued by the Ministry of Energy (“SENER”) was published in the Official Federal Gazette. The Bid aims to award a Contract for Management and Operation (the “Contract”) of the Transmission Infrastructure to Interconnect the Baja California Interconnection System (BC) with the National Interconnection System (SIN).

Below you will find the most relevant aspects of this Bid:

1.- The Bid aims to award the Contract for the construction and installation of a in high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line, with an approximate length of 1,400 circuit kilometers and with 1,500 MW of transmission capacity. Additionally, the Bid is for the construction and installation of two voltage converter stations (VSC) that will be located in Seri, State of Sonora and Cucapah, State of Baja California. Both stations will have a transformer ratio of ±500 kV to 400 kV.

2.- International and domestic companies are entitled to participate in the Bid provided that they demonstrate their experience and technical and financial capacity. In this regard, participants are subject to a prequalification process. 

3.- To register as a prequalified participant in the Bid, the participant must meet, inter alia, with the following requirements: (i) its corporate purpose includes its direct participation in construction, operation, and maintenance of energy infrastructure projects or the funding of infrastructure projects, (ii) it has a minimum net capital of $6’000,000,000.00 (Six billion of Mexican pesos, (iii) during the last 10 (ten) years, it has executed a contract that evidences its experience in infrastructure projects.

4.- In the event the prequalified participant submits its technical and economic proposal, it must post a bid bond in the of $462’500, 000. 00 pesos (Four hundred sixty-two million five thousand pesos).

5.- The most relevant dates included in the Bid calendar are the following:


Date or Period

Call to bid


February 2,2018

Publication of the Bidding Guidelines Basis and the Contract

February 2,2018

Registration of Participants

From February 8 to April 23, 2018

Access to the Data Room

From February 12 to August 10, 2018

Registry of Prequalified Participants

From May 2 to May 25, 2018

Receipt of Technical and Economic Proposals  

August 17,2018

Opening of Technical and Economic Proposals   

August 17,2018

Publication of the Opinion regarding the Technical Proposals

September 12,2018

Opening of Economic Proposals and Award

September 14,2018

Deadline to execute the Contract  

November 16,2018

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