Consumer Products

Von Wobeser y Sierra, S.C. has been the go-to firm in Mexico for many of the top companies in the consumer goods industry, including leaders in the automobile, electronics, food and beverages, personal care and hygiene, household pet-care, candy products, clothing sectors among others. Our Firm counts with a team of experts that understand the consumer goods business and the legal and commercial complexities companies face when trying to expand and operate in Mexico and Latin America.

We have advised and represented our clients in carrying out some of the most important transactions in the consumer products industry in Mexico, encompassing M&As and joint-ventures, portfolio acquisitions and global licensing deals, including, among many others, landmark deals in the beer and tequila sectors, poultry and meat and chain restaurants. We have participated in some of the most transcendental disputes related to this industry, including intellectual property litigation between the two global leaders in the soft beverages industry, antitrust disputes challenging regulatory trade barriers before the Federal Competition Commission, sugar industry import and export matters and advertising disputes over some of the most successful trademarks and marketing campaigns ever. In an industry defined by innovation and market execution, we strive to combine the experience and efforts of our different practices to enable our clients to carry out their business strategies and initiatives at the rapid pace that this industry demands while ensuring compliance with industry regulations.